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The contents of this page are currently [CLASSIFIED].

Personnel are reminded that while this hub is classified as Security Clearance Level 1, most files within this hub are subject to various classifications, and that verified credentials will be necessary to access those files.

In this hub, translations into various languages are stored. It is vital for the Foundation to provide vital documents in as many languages as possible. This hub is dedicated to local divisions of the Foundation, that have not yet formed a branch or a department. All personnel that is equipped with skills in other languages than the branch's languages is free to add translations to any living or dead language as they see fit. However be advised that automated translations have no place here, we can have those already. In addition, local personnel may feel free to add SCP documents or protocols of anomalies contained by their division.
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eo.png Esperanto articles


  • SCP-001 - Atendi Malsekretigo [Ŝtopita]


gr.png Greek articles

Wiki: το ίδρυμα SCP
Chat: Το Ίδρυμα SCP (Greek)


  • SCP-005 - Το κύριο κλειδί
  • SCP-012 - Μια κακή σύνθεση


  • SCP-001-GR - Αναμονή για αποχαρακτηρισμό [Αποκλεισμένο]
  • SCP-023-GR - Τεμάχιο LEGO


hu.png Hungarian articles


lt.png Lithuanian articles



nl.png Dutch articles



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