Site Rules



General Rules

1. Don't be a dick!

That's it. Staff of many sites tend to explain in detail what is considered being a dick and what is not and under which circumstances it is OK to be a dick and what circumstances of not being a dick can be treated like being a dick. I'm too lazy for that, so contain yourself and just don't be a dick. If you still are unsure if you are being a dick or not, either take a risk and try it out or read this detailed guide on how not to be a dick.

Translation Rules

In addition to the rule mildly highlighted on top of this page, some additional guidelines for translations are necessary:


When you post a translation here, create a post in the pages discussion containing the following:

  • Link to the original
  • All authors, rewriters and translators
  • Additional credits and licensing information, e.g. for media


All translations are tagged with their original tags + the original language (e.g. french) + the code of your section (e.g. nl).

Please translate all tags according to the English tag guide. If the source branch is using additional attribute-tags, you may translate and use these too. Please let staff know so we don't delete them by accident. Original in-wiki tags like contest-XY or so are not to be used here.


In general, all branches, including this wiki are using the CC BY-SA 3.0 license and everything mentioning SCP, the logo, characters and other original work of the SCP Foundation's branches and sites is under this license. That means also your translations and your own articles are under that license. It cannot be changed and there is no way around it.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License