Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

What is this Incubator thing?
This is a Wiki dedicated to translations into languages with no branch.

Who runs this Wiki?
This is a side project of the International Translation Archive. You can see the actual staff taking care of this wiki in this article.

What is an Unofficial branch?
An unofficial branch is a translation project that is in progress of becoming an official branch. An unofficial branch shows several typical criteria, ensuring growth and continuous activity. See Requirements for Unofficial Branches for more Information.


What articles may I translate?
All of them. You can translate SCPs, tales, essays, menus, system pages, whatever you want, from all branches or from other languages featured on the Incubator.

May I post original content?
Yes, you can write SCPs, tales, and so on in your language here.

Where do translations of my original content to English go?
To that hub on the Archive.

Can I post translations from crossover- or fansites here?
Probably not. But you can ask the staff to decide on a case-by-case basis.

I have been banned from one of the branches. Can I post translations to that language or original content here?
No. Articles in languages of existing official and unofficial branches go there exclusively.


How do you intend to support branch creation?
When a language gets a sufficient amount of articles and active users, they get a wiki-section, where they can set up the basic wiki structure, train self-organization and develop a healthy structure. Speakers who prove to have staff-qualities and are accepted by that language's community are promoted to moderators of the ULI and get supported to learn how to be staff.

You can also get a forum section much earlier than a wiki section.

Once your section has grown enough and you want to become an unofficial branch, we will help you with creating a wiki, relocating your articles and your users, and then continue to support you until your branch is official.

What are the requirements for a forum section?
You need a few users of your language, we will decide on a case by case basis.
You also need a speaker. A user who is something like a moderator for your section, who makes sure you stick to the rules (or reports you if you don't), who mediates arguments and who helps new users of your languages. We keep the right to veto against your choice if we think your candidate lacks basic staff qualities.

What exactly is a wiki-section?
Something comparable to a wiki-in-the-wiki. You will get own menus, an own front page, and own navigational elements. It will be very similar to a wiki, just that you don't have to organize everything.

What is a Speaker?
The Speaker of a section speaks for that section's users towards INT staff, as well as for INT staff towards their users. They report users that do not follow rules as INT staff probably doesn't speak the language of that section. Once a section has grown enough to get a wiki-section, the Speaker(s) are promoted to moderators of the ULI.

How is a Speaker chosen?
Every section of 5 users or more can have a Speaker. The Speaker can be elected by a simple vote, or staff or former unofficial branches or translation wikis, that moved to the ULI, can claim to be Speaker, if their users do not intervene. INT staff can veto against a Speaker.

May we create a Discord or other chat for our language?
Yes, of course, you can even link it in your part of the translation hub or your section.

Is use of this Wiki mandatory?
No, you can, of course, create your own wikis. But it is advised to use the Incubator as we can help you best in here.

What do if there is a wiki for my language, but it does not qualify to be an unofficial branch?
You can post articles in any language where there is no official or unofficial branch for in this wiki. If the wiki for your language is rather inactive, we advise to announce moving here and to repost translations from there here. It is advised to ask our staff for further instructions.

I am staff of a wiki and want to move to the ULI; how to do so?
First, we advise you make an announcement on your front page and lock your wiki from further edits. We can tell you how to do so. Then, you can transfer all translations here, including menus if you want. If your wiki has enough content and users, you can get a wiki-section right away. Once your community has grown enough, you can return to that wiki.

Can an unofficial branch move to the ULI too?
Yes, and especially if you notice inactivity or feel unable to maintain the wiki, you can come to the ULI at any time.

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