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Welcome to this new section of the ULI. There are a few steps left to do:

What we give you:
In the beginning you get a main page, top and sidebar and a few system pages that you cannot create easily yourself. We also create a forum section for you.

What you have to do:
First you should translate these pages we give you as far as necessary. You can also add or remove links, just leave those that are marked as [!-- DO NOT REMOVE --]. Then you can start copying pages like the series hubs from the English wiki or another one as you like, translate them and start to translate their content. You can also set up own hubs, for example for own articles or background. You find a full list of all pages in your category here.

It is strongly advised to follow the branch creation guide as from Step 2 where applicable.

Featured SCP

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Featured Tale

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June, 20th, 2018

Creation of this wiki

SCP International

int.png SCP-INT — International Translation Archive

A gathering place for the International Community of the SCP Foundation

Branches of the SCP Foundation

us.png The SCP Wiki — The SCP Foundation

The Original

ru.png SCP-RU — SCP Foundation (Russian Branch)

Russian Counterpart! Google-translation available here.
The Russian site is the oldest of the translation sites active on the web.

kr.png SCP-KO — SCP 재단

Our Korean Colleagues! Google-translation available here.

cn.png SCP-CN — SCP基金会

Our Chinese Branch! Google-translation available here.

fr.png SCP-FR — Fondation SCP

The French have joined! Google-translation available here.

pl.png SCP-PL — Fundacja SCP

The Polish Branch of the site! Google-translation available here!

es.png SCP-ES — La Fundación SCP

The Spanish Branch! Google-translation available here!

th.png SCP-TH — สถาบัน SCP

The Thai Branch! Google-translation available here!

jp.png SCP-JP — SCP財団

The Japanese branch! Google-translation available here!

de.png SCP-DE — Deutschsprachige SCP Foundation

The German branch! Google-translation available here!

it.png SCP-IT — Fondazione SCP

The Italian branch! Google-translation available here!

ua.png SCP-UA — Ukrainian branch

The Ukrainian branch! Google-translation available here!

pt.png SCP-PT/BR — Lusófona Branch

The Portuguese branch! Google-translation available here!

un.png Unofficial branches
cy.png SCP-CY — Welsh et.png SCP-ET — Estonian gr.png SCP-GR — Greek
il.png SCP-HE — Hebrew hu.png SCP-HU — Hungarian SPQR.png SCP-LA — Latin
nd.png SCP-ND — Nordic nl.png SCP-NL — Dutch tr.png SCP-TR — Turkish
tw.png SCP-TW — Chinese (trad.) vn.png SCP-VN — Vietnamese

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