Branch and Project List

This is the most up to date and most complete list of branches and translation projects. If you feel like information is missing, please contact the administration.

Official branches and projects

Branch Language O5-Wiki Sandbox Chat
SCP-EN English O5 Sandbox IRC
SCP-RU Russian O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-KO Korean Sandbox Discord, IRC
SCP-CN Chinese O5 Sandbox IRC, PHP
SCP-FR French O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-PL Polish O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-ES Spanish O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-TH Thai O5 Sandbox Various
SCP-JP Japanese O5 Sandbox Various
SCP-DE German O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-IT Italian O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-UA Ukrainian Sandbox Discord
SCP-PT-BR Portuguese O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-CS Czech Sandbox Discord
SCP-ZH/TR Traditional Chinese Sandbox Discord
SCP-INT (1) English O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-UN (2) English, Various O5 Sandbox INT's Discord
Template (3) English

Unofficial branches

Branch Language Sandbox Chat
SCP-EL Greek Sandbox Discord
SCP-ND Danish, Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish Discord
SCP-TR Turkish Sandbox Discord
SCP-VN Vietnamese Sandbox

Translation wikis that moved to the ULI

Branch Language Chat Notes
SCP-NL Dutch Discord

Translation wikis

Branch Language Chat Notes
SCP-AZ Azerbaijani Discord
SCP-CZ Czech
SCP-CY Welsh
SCP-ET Estonian Discord
SCP-EL Greek Older
SCP-HE Hebrew
SCP-HK Traditional Chinese Older
SCP-HU Hungarian
SCP-IDN Indonesian Newer
SCP-ID Indonesian Older
SCP-JBO Lojban
SCP-RO Romanian Discord
SCP-SH Serbo-Croatian4 Discord
SCP-SL Slovenian Discord
SCP-SQ Albanian
SCP-TW Traditional Chinese
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