Miles (3rd from right) during a civilian force-on-force training at M███████████, Greece, during the final months of 2018.

Name : K███████████ "Miles" M████████

Date of Birth : ██/██/19██

Security Clearance : N/A

Personnel Classification : N/A

Location : T█████████, Greece

Languages : Greek, English

Occupation : Firearm instructor

Details : Miles was born at ████████ ███, 19██, at T█████████, Greece. He's the CEO of Miles Tactical Arms , a company specializing in firearm training, law enforcement and military training, and various stuff regarding protection. He also has a degree in Security and he is always seeking new ways to effectively protect individuals. His skills and effectiveness have drawn the attention of many organizations around the globe.

Psychological Profile : Miles is an extremely observant individual. Sometimes he might speak a lot, even to the point of the detail, as opposed to other cases, where he speaks a lot less. He is the type of guy who will follow every rule and knows that he has to accept the consequences of his actions when crossing the border. He also deeply respects professionals around him no matter their rank. Miles considers himself a "team player" and believes that teamwork is the way to go. Furthermore, he strongly believes that there is a solution for every problem. He has his own unique way to talk to people, a trait that makes people trust him and respect him.

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